More eHow Article Ideas

Once again I have more recently deleted eHow articles that are ripe for the picking! Write these articles up and start increasing your eHow earnings!

How to Become a Member of Greenpeace
How to Care for a Chow
How to Care for a Pug
How to Find a Hotel Room for New Orleans Jazz Fest
How to Not Get Ripped Off at New Orleans Jazz Fest
How to Pick Up Dog Poop In a Pinch

Also, a few readers have asked "why do my ehow articles get deleted?" Well, from the perspective of eHow a few of the reasons for deleted articles include: Spam articles, common sense articles, clone articles, poorly written articles, and articles that are not in the how to format. Later on I will go in depth on each of these types of deleted articles and try to help you figure out how to avoid writing articles that will get deleted.

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