Is the eHow Model Good For Everyone

There was a recent article that had been written concerning Demand Studios and whether their advertisement based content was good for internet users. While I have recently been dsicouraged by my web search looking for a low cost vet, I still believe that ad driven content is going to be a large part of the internet.

The pros are the income that is generated by bloggers and eHow writers. If gives many people a viable income option without having to leave their homes or venture out into this terrible economy. The cons include a very cluttered web space, constant consumerism, and just a generally tacky web experience.

In thinking about solutions for ad driven content, I think the root of the situation will not change. Demand media is not going to stop making money, same as all the other web content producing sites like Examiner. It seems similar to commercials. The commercials never stop the audience just changes the channel, uses Tivo, or turns off the TV. On the internet however, these ads are more active and intrusive, however there will be push back with ad blocking software and other new technology.

My thoughts? If you make money through ad driven content keep writing and writing. If you are a web browser who doesn't like the ads, change the channel.

-The eHow Insider.
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