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With the latest eHow article sweep still in full effect I have confirmed a few more recently deleted eHow articles that are ready to be rewritten, posted, and help you earn more money on eHow. Let me know if these articles work out for you and also let me know how much they earn for you after the first month!

-How to Appear sexy with low budget
-How to Buy Obama Christmas Ornaments
-How to Catch chicken at night
-How to Celebrate a happy Christmas in the middle of Global crisis
-How to Compare cheap Airline Deals before Booking
-How to Dress Up Sexy
-How to Find an Alternative Solution to Save Yourself From Debt
-How to Find your lifetime partner
-How to Finish Your Degree With No Money
-How to Get Rhinoplasty in your vacant time at work
-How to Give Christmas Gift if you have no Job
-How to Have a Nose Job without Blood
-How to Have Free Phone Calls From Your Land Line Phone
-How to Keep A Friend
-How to Know if you need Chantix
-How to Know If Your Bank Is a Failure in Your Investment
-How to Know if your husbands/wives are cheating
-How to Know that your are depressed
-How to Know the side effects of Injection Fillers
-How to Lose Weight My Way
-How to Order your Thanksgiving Dinner Online
-How to Rent a Wife Online
-How to Save Money in Attending The Inauguration Day
-How to Save Money while attending College Degree
-How to Shop for a Christmas bargain
-How to Shop for Electric Shaver Without Returning It
-How to Sleep on a Bamboo Floor
-How to Stay Cheap at Pres-Elect Barack Hussein Obama Inauguration
-How to Stuff your Thanksgiving Turkey
-How to Track The Inauguration Day Countdown Online
-How to Track Your Dog's Activity Online
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